Beit Chana Tzfat Seminary
Registration Process

Thank you for your interest in Beis Chana Chu”l Seminary. Registration for 5781 is closed.

Registration for the 5782 school year will open after Chanuka, 5781. Thank you.

There are four steps to complete the registration process. Please read carefully to avoid misunderstanding.

1) Online Registration:

Fill out the online registration form and submit it. Applicants must have a working email address to make our correspondence more efficient. Please double check that you enter your email address correctly on the online registration form. 

After submitting it online, print it, and bring it to the interview.
For the online registration form – click here.

2) Documentation:

Download and print all five documents.

  1. Menahel’s and administrator’s letters
  2. Agreement slip
  3. Medical Forms
  4. Evaluation Form
  5. Interview Checklist

Read carefully the Menahel’s and administration’s letters.

Fill out the agreement slip and medical forms. Bring them to the interview.

Give the “Evaluation Form” to the מחנכת of your school. She should fill it out and have it co-signed by the principal.

For the sake of discretion – it should be emailed or faxed by them directly, before כז שבט, to:
 Email – . Fax – +972732550371. Please do not post or FED-EX.

Review the “Interview Checklist” and start preparing all the necessary documentations and articles, in proper time, to enable you to bring them to the interview.

To download all letters and forms click here. 

3) Interview:

All applicants are required to participate in an interview, which must be booked through our on-line calendar.
Our representatives will be IYH in N.Y. for the forthcoming Kinus Hashluchos.
The interviews for N.Y. students (and out-of-towners that arrive early to the kinus) will be held on Mon. afternoon 15th of Shevat; Tues. 16th of Shevat , and Tues. 23rd  of Shevat.
Out-of-town students will be interviewed from Wed. 12th of Shevat until Mon. – 22nd of Shvat.
All interviews will be held in the basement of 730 Eastern parkway (near Brooklyn Ave.)
Arrive to your interview at the allotted time slot.

Please be aware that the interview process lasts approximately one hour and plan your schedule accordingly.

Make sure to bring with you everything that is included in the “Interview Checklist”. The Interview Checklist includes items which must be arranged in advance, such as pictures, medical form and current valid passports.

To book an interview – click here

4) Written Test:

All applicants must take a written test. Students who do not take the test have less of a chance of being accepted.

The written tests will be held on Sun. 21th of Shevat (Feb. 16), at 9:00 AM, in the Razag ballroom, 739 E New York Ave Brooklyn NY.
Interviews and test will not be held at any other times. In light of the above, we strongly advise out-of-towners to book early and to confirm their interview time slot – planning their trip to New York accordingly.

Registration fee is $90. Twenty dollars is paid on-line to book the interview, the remainder ($70) is brought to the interview. Please note that your interview time slot is not confirmed until after the $20 payment is received.

Awaiting Response:
Please wait patiently until after Rosh Chodesh Nissan for a response. Inquiries about acceptance status before this date will not receive a response. We will inform you of your acceptance status to the student’s and father’s email address which was listed in the online application.
In choosing our students, first priority will be given to students who attend the interview in person, pass the written test, are fluent in both Hebrew and English, and fulfill all other requirements.

Students who study in High Schools outside of the USA-Canada:
Students who study in High Schools outside of the USA-Canada have the privilege not to attend the interview. If they choose not arrive in NY for the interview, they must pay-pal $90 registration fee, and post all forms and items on the checklist by the 27th of Shvat to: Beit Chana P.O.B. 6217 Tzfat, 13410 Israel. Please do not email, fedex or fax.


The following items must be brought to the interview (do not fax or mail them).
Foreign student, outside of USA and Canada must mail the following items before 24th of Adar Alef.
• The last page of the Menahel′s letter – signed by the applicant and her parents
• $70 (in cash, no checks please) non-refundable registration fee. $90 – for students who did not book an interview on line
• Five recent passport photos (with your name written on the back of the photos)
• Photocopy of passport (its expiry date should be after the end of the upcoming school year)
• High school diploma (or a letter from the principal, attesting that the student will be eligible for a High School diploma – pending the outcome of the tests)
• Copy of the 9th-12th grades high-school transcripts. It should also include marks of the 12th grade – first semester
• Printed copy of the application form – filled in electronically
• All medical forms – signed and stamped by parents and your family physician
• Ensure that your school has sent your evaluation form, before 27th of Shvat.

Questions regarding registration can be emailed to
Technical difficulties with booking the interview or downloading the forms, contact .


יהי רצון מהשם יתברך שנהיה כולנו מוכנים ועומדים בשורה הראשונה לקבל פני משיח, בב"א.

ברכת הצלחה, מזכירות הסמינר

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