Registration to Bnos Hashluchim - Naale

הרישום לתוכנית בנות השלוחים
לשנה"ל תשפ"ב הסתיים

הרישום לשנה"ל תשפ"ג

יפתח בעזרת השם לאחר חג החנוכה תשפ"ב


Step 1

1. Click to open and fill out  all the registration forms. These forms should be uploaded  to the online registration form (#3 below) together with your daughter’s passport photo, vaccination records, and last two years’ report cards (only the signed page of the school guidelines must be scanned back).

2. Click here to open the current teacher evaluation form (teacher should send this to Beis Chana.)

3. To fill out the online
registration form, click here. (Can only be filled out after all forms in #1 have been uploaded.)

4. Simultaneous to the above, please see sidebar on far right.

Deadline for form submission: 13 Adar, 5781 (February 25, 2021)

Step 2

An interview may only be scheduled after all paperwork has been submitted. 

We highly recommend that students travel here for a scheduled in-person interview. This will also be your opportunity to see the Beis Chana campus firsthand, and to meet our staff and students.

Please understand that it is difficult to receive an accurate impression via a virtual interview. Because a distance interview may indeed be misleading, it is possible that a genuinely suitable student will be missed

Nevertheless, due to the current global situation, interviews may be held via Zoom.

Interview dates will be publicized in the near future.

Simultaneous to your Beis Chana Registration:

Registration to Naale:
Students applying to Beis Chana’s Bnos Hashluchim Naale program must register simultaneously with the Elite Academy (Naale) Program.
Click Here to register on Naale’s website.

For More Information:

For questions about registration and to schedule an interview


To contact the Beis Chana-Naale director

Mrs. Bassie Gruzman
or write to her Whatsapp


Beis Chana