Winter, 5781

Dear Parents שיחיו,

Shalom u’Vracha,  


We are happy to provide you with information about Beis Chana Seminary to review before you consider enrolling your daughter for the coming school year.

Our goal is to prepare the next generation of Chassidishe mothers, educators, and Shluchos – women who will be role models for and imbue others with a love of Hashem, Yiras Shomayim, true passion for Torah and Mitzvos, and a desire to become closer to the Rebbe and follow his directives.

Please remember, we are not a Chabad House welcoming every Jew through its doors. We run an educational school for young Lubavitch women who already excel in their Yiddiskeit, Chassidishkeit, Tzniyus, Davening, and have a געשמאק  in learning Chassidus with a true love of the Rebbe.

Additionally, our high school students look up to the Seminary students and emulate their behavior.



Our Chul Program is accredited by the Israeli government; an official ‘מורה לגולה’ diploma is granted to students who complete all their scholastic requirements. 

Absences exceeding 20% and/or failing any class including the mandatory first aid course will impede issuing the diploma. Hence, only students committed to learn and fully attend should apply. 


Who May Apply:

Eighteen-year-old graduates from overseas Frum High Schools, possessing a good command of both Hebrew and English may apply to our Chul program.  

The Israeli Ministry of Education will ask to evaluate and approve your foreign high school diploma before they will issue the aforementioned מורה לגולה   certificate. (Students without a recognized high school diploma may receive Seminary transcripts but a not the מורה לגולה certificate. Tuition is the same regardless).


Students who wish to study in the Israeli Program:

As a rule, students from abroad, even those who have Israeli citizenship or made Aliya, may not register to the Israeli program, as we are allotted but a limited quota of students to that program.

In תשפ”א , we tested allowing a limited number of students from abroad to join our first year Israeli program and will do so again under the following conditions:

  • There is ample class space in the Israeli program. The decision to accept foreign students to the Israeli program will take place mid-summer when we know how many Israeli students were accepted.
  • A student’s foreign High School diploma is approved by the government and equivalent to the Israeli High School diploma.
  • A student passes the Israeli ‘psychometric exam’ before school commences.
  • Parents pay full Chul Program tuition. (Since these students exceed the allotted quota of students, Beis Chana does not receive government funding for them).
  • A student has Israeli citizenship.
  • A student fully intends to finish the complete four-year BA program in Israel.
  • A student speaks fluent Hebrew, as she will have teaching practicum in Israeli classes.
  • A student is aware and acknowledges that she is part of the Israeli program that has its own schedule and activities which differ from the Chul Program.



We teach 23 courses per week. Most classes are Limudei Kodesh, but as a Ministry of Education accredited Teachers’ seminary, our syllabus also includes mandatory didactic courses.

Our statistics show that the majority of seminary graduates eventually work in a variety of fields of Chinuch and Shlichus. Therefore, studies also aim at developing personal and educational skills. Our students should be interested in investing their time and energy to acquire these skills. Students must also be able to focus for the full duration of our rigorous 90 minute classes.

 If your daughter doesn’t feel that she is capable or interested in teaching, it would be advisable that she enroll in an alternate school. We are a Chassidishe, Torah-orientated learning and teaching Seminary.



Beis Chana seminary initially opened for Israeli high-school graduates.  Over the years we began accepting students from abroad which eventually evolved into the ‘Chul Program’. Nevertheless, many ‘Chul’ students are fluent Hebrew speakers, so the Seminary is bilingual.  Farbrengens, Dvar-Torahs, announcements, and many classes are in Hebrew.  A student who does not have a reasonable command of Hebrew – including speaking – need not apply. Former students who failed to take this seriously, fell behind academically, felt left out and very frustrated. It is unfortunate for a student to fail due to her underestimating the need of adequate Hebrew skills. Demonstrating fluency during the Hebrew interview plays a great part in the acceptance process.

As mentioned, Beis Chana is bilingual. If your daughter doesn’t understand or speak English she will find it very frustrating and should not consider registering. 

Attention French applicants: If you do not understand and speak both Hebrew and English PLEASE DO NOT APPLY


Shana Beis:

Besides the above, after completing a 1st year in the Chul Program, students may transfer to the Israeli program for their 2nd year in Seminary. We assist students in making up missing coursework which was part of the first year Israeli mandatory curriculum. These students may continue their studies to gain an Israeli teaching diploma and B.Ed. from the Israeli Department of Education.



We have a highצניעות   standard that complies with a Chassidishe and Charedishe appearance.  The Tzniyus of the student needs to be part of her natural being. A student who needs to be reminded that her length of skirt, makeup, hair, etc. is not on par with the seminary code, should not apply.


Before you apply, consider the following:

  • A student must clearly define to herself what she wants to accomplish after High School graduation and choose the seminary that is best for her.
  • Seminary should not be a status symbol or Shidduch asset.
  • Siblings are not the same. What’s good for one may not be good for the other.
  • Imagine where a student will feel best about herself on a daily basis.



 IY”H תשפ”ב acceptance letters will be sent out after Pesach.

Applicants’ Chassidishkeit, learning, and completion of High School diploma will be checked following her graduation, so a student’s acceptance is considered pending until such time. We reserve the right to cancel acceptance until the start of the school year.


Please refer all questions concerning registration to Mrs. Neta Barda at +972-73-2550374 or fax +972-4-692-4002; or e-mail


Matters concerning tuition should be directed to Beis Chana’s CFO, Mrs. Leah Friedman, or her assistant Mrs. Dinka Kumer: Tel. 972-73-255-0306, Fax 972-73-255-0310, or email


Bentsching you with sincere wishes for true Chassidishe Naches from all your children, and Davening for the immediate Geulah with the Rebbe נשיא דורנו.


Sincerely yours,

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Chitrik

Dean, Beis Chana Seminary