B”H  Winter, 5781

Dear Parents שיחי’

 Shalom u’Vracha! 


Before making your decision to apply to Beis Chana Seminary, I would like to share some important financial information:

  • The school fees for the 5782 school year are $18,500. (A student may not attend just a single semester).
  • We are recognized by MASA-Israel. MASA made several significant internal decisions which impacted if/how much students received in funding this year. We have no way to anticipate what aid amounts will be given next year. We did witness that scholarships were given on a ‘first come, first serve basis’, so bear this is mind. During 5781, Masa offered a universal $1250 grant to all interested Qualifying North Americans received a maximum needs-based scholarship of $2400 (including the universal grant). Non-North Americans received higher amounts. Please enter MASA’s site for further details and updates: www.masaisrael.org .
  • Beis Chana is also an affiliate of Beis Rivka DHL, HTC Chicago, Touro College and TTI-Daemen College. American students may be eligible for a federal and/or state scholarship via one of these Colleges.
  • There will be no reductions in fees for those who make Aliya. Additionally, making Aliyah will disqualify your MASA eligibility.
  • Tuition includes: Basic health insurance*, trips to elementary schools for observation, trips for Shabattons, most school trips, and bussing from the airport in Elul. It also includes booklets, learning materials, and handouts, etc.
  • Tuition does not include: seforim and personal school supplies, cellular telephones, photocopies or basic materials for teaching exercises, Kapores, entry to pool, personal trips on “off-Shabbosim”, or optional trips (for example, to Chermon).

*Health insurance does not cover pre-existing health issues, dental work, psychological/psychiatric support, non-conventional  treatments, transportation to physicians/specialists, and medications.


Please feel to call me at my office (972-4-682-0610), Sun. – Thurs. between 10:00 AM 3:00 PM (Israel time), or e-mail me to finance@beitchana.org.  



 Wishing you much Chassidishe Nachas, 

 Mrs. Leah Friedman

 Financial Administrator