Thank you for your interest in applying to the Beis Chana Tzfas Seminary Chul- Chuts La’arets program.

Registration for Bais Chana Seminary Chul program 5783 is closed.

Questions regarding registration can be emailed to Seminaryregistration@beitchana.org



With blessings for Moshiach’s immediate arrival,

Beis Chana Seminary

Our registration for 5784 will open IY”H around Hei Teves 5783 (December 29th 2022).

During the registration process you will be asked to submit different documents.

You can already start preparing the following:

  • Physician’s medical form (ask your doctor to fill it out, and sign it)
  • Copy of passport (its expiry date should be after the end of the upcoming school year)
  • High school diploma (or a letter from the principal, attesting that the student will be eligible for a High School diploma – pending the outcome of the tests)
  • Copy of the 9th-12th grades high school transcripts. It should also include marks of the 12th grade – first semester

Beis Chana works in partnership with Masa Israel

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