Beit Chana Tzfat Seminary
Registration Process

Registration for the 5785 school year is closed.

BE"H registration for the 5786 school year will commence sometime after Chanukah, 5785


Beit Chana Tzfat Seminary
Chul Program 5785 - Registration Process

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Beis Chana Seminary Chu”l (חו”ל: Chuts La’arets) program.

We daven to Hashem Yisborech that we fulfill our Shlichus to prepare our students to be on the front row – לקבל פני משיח צדקנו.

There are four steps to complete the registration process. Please read them carefully to avoid misunderstanding.

1) Read online:

  • The Menahel’s letter
  • The Tzniyut protocol
  • The financial administration’s letter

2) Submitting the online registration form:

During the registration process you will be asked to upload the following documents. Prepare the following documents BEFORE you start filling out the online registration.

  • Physician’s medical form (ask your doctor to fill it out and sign it)
  • Copy of passport (its expiry date should be after the end of the upcoming school year). If you don’t have a passport yet, you may still complete your registration process, but will need to submit it at a later date by mail to
  • High school diploma (or a letter from the principal, attesting that the student will be eligible for a High School diploma – pending the outcome of tests)
  • Copy of the 9th-12th grade high-school transcripts. It should also include the first semester’s  12th grade marks; if you don’t yet have 12th grade transcripts, please send them ASAP by email to .

3) Scheduling an interview:

All applicants are required to attend an interview, which must be booked through our online calendar.

The interviews for NY students (and vicinity) will start on Thursday afternoon 13th of  Adar Alef (Feb. 22) untill Monday 17th Adar Alef.

Out-of-town students will be interviewed on Tuesday 18th and  Wednesday 19th of Adar Alef. You may also register on the dates disgnated for NY students if no other dates are available.

Students who will be visiting Israel before Rosh Chodesh Adar Beis, also have the option to be interviewed in Israel (send an email to request an appointement).    

Students who are unable to come to NY, have the option to be interviewed on Zoom, on Sunday 2nd of Adar Alef.

When booking your appointement at the end of this registration process, you will see the details of all available days and hours in the online calendar.

The registration fee is $150 (non refundable). $100 are paid on-line to book the interview, the remainder ($50 cash) is brought to the interview. Students who are interviewed on Zoom – pay the whole amount when booking their interview.

Please note that your interview time slot is not confirmed until after the online payment.

4) Taking a written Test:

All applicants must take a written test.

The written tests will be held on Wednesday 19th of Adar Alef (Feb. 28), at 6:00 PM, in the Razag ballroom, 739 E New York Ave Brooklyn NY.

Interviews and the test will not be held at any other times. In light of the above, we strongly advise out-of-towners to book early and to confirm their interview time slot – planning their trip to New York accordingly.


After completing all the steps, please wait patiently until after Rosh Chodesh Nissan for a response. Inquiries about acceptance status before this date will not receive a response. We will inform you of your acceptance status to the student’s and parents’ email addresses which were listed in the online application.

Questions regarding registration can be emailed to:



Registration will close on Monday, 22 Shevat 5784 (Feb. 1, 2024)

Please note: It's necessary to complete the whole registration process consecutively, as you may not be able to retrieve your incomplete information.

It may take 45-60 minutes to complete, so prepare accordingly.

יהי רצון מהשם יתברך שנהיה כולנו מוכנים ועומדים בשורה הראשונה לקבל פני משיח, בב"א.

ברכת הצלחה, מזכירות הסמינר

Beis Chana works in partnership with Masa Israel


Students not from North America and don’t come for the Kinus will be asked to schedule a Zoom interview (dates not yet determined).
You will be contacted prior to schedule a day and time.
Your registration process is done for now and you’ve received a confirmation email with your registration forms (you can close this website).

Wishing you all the best.

תלמידות שמתגוררות מחוץ לארה”ב וקנדה
ואינן מגיעות לכינוס השלוחות ויראויינו בZOOM
תאריכי הראיונות בזום עדיין לא נקבעו.