Tzniut Regulations

סמינר בית חנה – צפת

  B”H  WINTER 5784


Please read carefully the entire Tzniyut  Regulations, and sign –  thus commiting yourself to IYH bring with you only those garments that are in line with these  school rules, through out your seminary year and hopefully throught your future.


Tzniut Regulations

The Mitzvah of Tzniut (modesty) has always been the “shining armor” of G-d fearing Jewish women and daughters.  As a student of Beis Chana Seminary, you are a living example for younger students and your surroundings, near and far, in the way you dress, look, and in your entire behavior.

The way you dress must be appropriate to halachic requirements in accordance with the way G-d fearing Jewish girls have always dressed.

According to the Rebbe’s directives – the standards of dress of Bnot Chabad should be as practiced amongst the חרדי community, which as we know differs from the standards of dress in the general Orthodox world. Therefore our way of dress must be befitting to a Chassidishe and Charedishe young lady – a student of Beis Chana.

We in Beis Chana aspire to making a change and raise the standard of Lubavitcher girls/women code of dress.

Being surrounded in an environment where everyone is looking to improve will help you gain a greater sensitivity.

You will find below a list of guidelines that will help you meet these demands.  It is imperative to bring a wardrobe that meets all of the following requirements:

  • Your appearance should be one of refinement and simplicity, not too fancy or glamorous. Pleasant shades should be chosen for clothing, with patterns that are ordinary and nice.
  • Our uniqueness is the fact that our way of dress is unique to us, and we take great pride in it. Try to develop a fine taste in fashion that’s modest, not running after or into the latest “fad”. Your clothing and accesoiries should complement you as a בת ישראל  and not have a street look. Refrain from the latest fads.
  • In addition to our school code of dress (button down shirts) (not jean of any color) and dark skirts – you will find below a code of dress for in and out of class.
  • Your skirts should be of regular material – no jean of any. Avoid wearing junee, slinky skirts. Needless to say, no slits – of any size, on any side. The length of the skirt should be a good few inches below the knee (they must cover the knee at all times even when sitting and crossing legs without being tugged) and not too long (10 cm. above the ankle). One should never wear them if they are not in line with the above!!  They must be neither tight fitting nor narrow. Refrain from pencil skirts. They should have a regular round hem finish – no threads, fringes, triangular shaped or slanted skirts.
  • Your blouses should have sleeves that cover the elbows at all times and in all situations (e.g. – when writing on the board). The neckline must be closed on all sides at all times.  Hair does not cover open necklines, neither on the sides or back. The blouse or shirt should not be transparent or tight.  Special care must be taken that T-shirts be firmly closed at the neckline (front, back and sides) and sleeves. They should not be transparent (especially those that are light colored) nor short (even if you have another T-shirt to cover the gap). They must be long enough that when you bend forward or lift your arms, the blouse nor the sleeves rise.


  • No lettering, emblem or attention-drawing design on your garments (even if it’s your school emblem or the designer’s signature). Sweatshirts seen with any wording whatsoever will be taken away. Do not bring your high school or camp or T”H sweatshirt if it has writing or emblems on it! Please refrain from bringing it – even for use ‘just’ in the apartments.
  • All socks worn, both during summertime and wintertime, are expected to be of quiet solid shades, not netted, decorated, patterned, nor neon etc. Short socks are never Refrain from bringing and wearing wild colored and patterned tights.  40 – 70 denier stockings are preferable. Leggings are not appropriate. Socks worn in boots, should not be showing above the boots.
  • Shoes and boots should be in the field of the “ordinary”, not platform, not lace ups, not too high heeled etc. Boots, rain boots, or crocs should be of aidel refined colors and shades.

  • One of the issues you may not be familiar with is our hairstyle (andאי”ה shaitel styles). It should be modest and calm, not too long, not too short, and not worn wildly. Longer than shoulder-length hair, curly or not, must be neatly gathered at all times – (even on Shabbos – your hair cannot be worn down!). Naturally curly hair will need extra attention to be fine and aidelg. held back and pulled together tightly and neatly. Hair accessories of large bows, headbands, ribbons etc. are not a Charreidishe look.
  • Hats and other head coverings are only appropriate outside in exceptionally cold weather.
  • Don’t overdo the jewelry. A ring, necklace, and small-eidel earrings – preferably studs (no long dangling “chandelier” or overly large hoops) and the subtlest of make-up, (if at all . . .), is fine enough. A Chassidishe apprearance does not incude nail and definitely not dark shades.
  • Eye glasses should not be ‘overly chunky’.
  • The rules of Tzniut apply equally in the privacy of the dormitory:
    • One should be sensitive even in the privacy of ones own room.
    • A proper robe must be worn at all times.
    • Sleepwear should be a Tzniut long sleeved nightgowns only, (no pajama pants without nightgowns, and certainly not out of one’s bedroom).
    • Sweatshirts with wording should be avoided even in the apartments.
  • Driving or driving lessons will have to wait until after seminary. It is forbidden for all students from abroad!
  • Hitchhiking is strictly forbidden. It is also DANGEROUS!
  • Novels, newspapers, magazines and other secular literature should not be amongst your possessions, and definitely not read.
  • Laptops and other internet accessible devices are prohibited and may be confiscated.
  • A Chassidishe girl sings and listens to only to Frum/Chassidishe music. As many of our students listen only to Lubavitcher nigunim –please be sensitive to their Chassidishe הרגש.
  • A student must develop sensitivity as to where it is befitting for a Chassidishe girl to travel, browse, shop and eat-out and which internet site are/are not appropriate.
  • Data plans on phones should be filtered and monitored. Our Seminarys’ smartphone policy will be updated close the unset of the 5783 school year.
  • According to Halacha – on Shabbos, we need to wear designated Shabbos attire. One should not wear regular clothing which is not “Shabbosdik’. This holds true also for Motsay Shabbos.

All Tznius violations will be dealt with without compromise or additional warnings. Inappropriate clothing may be confiscated (if necessary – retuned only at the end of the year, if at all). A student who needs to be reminded of misbehavior in a tzniut issue has fallen short of the basic entry requirement to Beis Chana Seminary.

We will IYH be enforcing all of the above with great attention. Make sure you prepare yourself accordingly.

By joining Beis Chana you are choosing to be in the forefront of making a difference in the dress code of Chabad – across the globe.

We are full of hope, that in strengthening this Midah of Tznius, you will merit to be a נר להאיר shedding light, and guiding the way to the גאולה האמיתית והשלמה.


 We all pray that you have much success and healthy school year בגשמיות וברוחניות .


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You will be contacted prior to schedule a day and time.
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Wishing you all the best.

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