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You successfully completed the registration process and may now proceed to schedule your interview.

There are two steps to set an appointment.
1. Choosing a Time Slot:
For students from NY and the  vicinity, interviews will be held:
Thursday afternoon, 13 Adar Alef/Feb. 22nd
Friday morning, 14 Adar Alef/Feb. 23rd
Motzei Shabbos, 15 Adar Alef/Feb. 24th
Sunday & Monday mornings  & afternoons, 16-17 Adar Alef/Feb. 25th-26th
For students from North America but NOT from the NY area,  interviews will be held:
Tuesday & Wednesday mornings & afternoons, 18-19 Adar Alef/Feb. 27th-28th
If the interviews during these dates are fully booked, you may schedule your interview on a date designated for students from NY.


Zoom interviews (only for students who are unable to interview in NY):
Sunday, 2 Adar Alef/Feb. 11
The written exam will be held Wednesday, 19 Adar Alef at 6:00PM in the Razag Ballroom, 739 E. New York Ave.

2. Payment:

$150. Pay $100 online to book the interview and bring $50 cash to the interview. (Zoom interviewers will pay $150 online). 
You will receive an email confirmation of your interview date and time.
You must bring the following with you at the interview:
  1. Passport pictures X4
  2. 50$ in cash
  3. Your registration form (received as .pdf by email) printed in color
  4. High School transcripts
Questions or technical difficulties may be emailed to: .

.יהי רצון מהשם יתברך שנהיה כולנו מוכנים ועומדים בשורה הראשונה לקבל פני משיח, בב"א

ברכת הצלחה, מזכירות הסמינר


Students not from North America and don’t come for the Kinus will be asked to schedule a Zoom interview (dates not yet determined).
You will be contacted prior to schedule a day and time.
Your registration process is done for now and you’ve received a confirmation email with your registration forms (you can close this website).

Wishing you all the best.

תלמידות שמתגוררות מחוץ לארה”ב וקנדה
ואינן מגיעות לכינוס השלוחות ויראויינו בZOOM
תאריכי הראיונות בזום עדיין לא נקבעו.