Menahel’s Letters


Winter 5784

Dear Parents שיחיו,

Shalom u’Veracha,  


         We are happy to share information with parents about Beit Chana Seminary before you consider enrolling your daughter for the coming school year.

We suggest that you and your daughter consider the following points before making a final decision to schedule an interview.

Our seminary was initially opened for Israeli high-school graduates.  Over the years we began accepting students from abroad which eventually evolved into the ‘Chul program’.

We want to prepare the next generation of Chassidishe mothers, educators, and Shluchos – who will bring with them a love of Hashem Yisborech, a pnimiyus’dike Yiras Shomayim, a true passion to Torah and Mitzvos, and a craving to become closer to the Rebbe and follow his directives.

We therefore expect the students we accept, to excel in Chasidishkeit, Tzniyus, Yiras Shamaim, Tefilla, Hiskashrus etc.

Please remember, we are not a Chabad House – who welcomes every Jew thru its doors. We run an educational school for young Lubavitch women who are already committed to Yidiskeit, Chassidishkeit, Tzniyus, Davening, have a געשמאק  in learning Chassidus, have  a true love to the Rebbe. We are a full day learning program, with evening classes and programs.

Students must also realize that our high school students look up to them and emulate their behavior.


         Our program is accredited by the Israeli government, and a government certificate “Morot Lagolah” is granted to those completing all their academic obligations. 

               The diploma is approved by the government only after all school obligations were finalized. An absence of more than 20%, failure on a test, in any course, or not passing the mandatory First Aid course – will impede the diploma.

         Absence of more than three classes per semester, per course, may also impede continuing second semester (the year’s tuition is nonrefundable).

         Hence, only those who are ready and committed to learn, come on time, follow the rules etc., and conclude the whole year program – should apply. 

Who May Apply

         Eighteen-year-old high school graduates, of Yeshiva/Frum – High Schools from abroad, possessing a good command of both Hebrew and English – may apply to our Chul program.  

         One of the government requirements is a foreign high school diploma. It must be evaluated and certified by the Israeli Ministry of Education, before they will issue a    מורה לגולה   certificate.

         Those who do not have an accredited high school diploma, will not be eligible for the government certificate ‘Morah Lagolah’ (you may receive transcripts for your learning but a not certificate). Tuition is the same for all students.


Students who wish to study in the Israeli program

           As a rule, students from abroad, even those who have Israeli citizenship or made Aliya – are not permitted to join the Israeli program, as we are allotted only a limited quota of registered Israeli students, to that program.

         Students who wish to join the Israeli program may do so, after completing their first year, in the Chul program. We have experience in helping those students closing the gap of courses that are obligatory in the first year Israeli program, which they missed while learning in the Chul program.

 Nevertheless, we are allowing a limited number of students from abroad to join our first year Israeli program, under the following conditions:

  • There is ample class space in the Israeli program. We cannot open an additional class, just due to the overflow of students from abroad. Hence, the decision if to accept students to the Israeli program, we be only after the Israeli registration process ends, in mid-summer.
  • They have a certification, from the Israeli ministry of education, that their High-school diploma is accredited and is equivalent to the Israeli HS diploma, before the start of the school year.
  • They receive a passing grade in the psychometric exam, before the start of school year. The next available test in Israel is on the 9-10th of Nissan. The following tests are on 28-29th of Sivan , and on the 29-30th of Av.  
  • Being that they are not in the quota of students that we are allotted, hence we get no government funding for them, they need to pay the full tuition price as all Chul students.
  • They have Israeli citizenship.
  • They have clear and honest intention to finish the full four-year BA program in Israel.
  • They speak fluent Hebrew, for they will need to practice teaching in Israeli classes.
  • They know and acknowledge that they are part of the Israeli program which has its own timetables and calendar, that differs from the Chul program.






         There are 24 courses a week – most are Kodesh, but since we are an accredited government teachers’ seminary, our syllabus is dictated by the Ministry of Education and many of the other courses are educational and compulsory.

         Students who apply must have an interest in learning and advancing their knowledge in all fields. They need to possess an ability to concentrate in 90 minute classes.  

          Statistics show that the majority of seminary graduates eventually work in a variety of fields of Chinuch and Shlichus. Therefore, we have built a program that encompasses personal and teaching skills, in addition to the variety of subjects in Limudei Kodesh. Students accepted are those interested in investing their time and energy in acquiring these skills.

         If your daughter doesn’t feel that she is capable or interested in teaching, it would be advisable that she join an alternative program. There are post-high-school full- time Yeshivah-Torah programs available. We are a Chassidishe, Torah orientated learning and teaching program. 



         As mentioned, Beit Chana was established primarily for Israeli-Hebrew speaking high-school graduates.

Over the years, as the numbers of students from abroad grew – the ‘chul program’ was formed. Nevertheless, many of those students are Hebrew speakers and it requires us to use both Hebrew and English. Therefore, farbrengens, Dvar-Torahs, announcements, and many classes are also in Hebrew. 

A student with less than a good knowledge in Hebrew, and with no Hebrew speaking experience, need not apply.

         Experience has shown that a student, who failed to take this matter seriously, was incapable of keeping up academically, and found herself left out and very frustrated. It is unfair for a student to fail due to her underestimating the need of adequate Hebrew skills.

When choosing our students, we will  אי”ה put emphasis on this requirement. The Hebrew interview plays a great part in the acceptance process.

Applicants hear by word of mouth that their friends have managed ‘without Hebrew’. Please note that those friends were also very upset, frustrated and disappointed when programs were in Hebrew. Do NOT rely on ‘hearsay’.

          As mentioned, both Hebrew and English are used in the Seminary. If your daughter doesn’t speak or understand English she will find it very frustrating and therefore she should not consider registering. 

Attention French applicants!!  If you do not understand and speak both Hebrew and English – PLEASE DO NOT APPLY


Shana Beit

         Students who graduate our first year program, have the option to join our second year Israeli program, and go on from there to gain a full Israeli teaching diploma + a recognized BA in education.



We have a highצניעות   standard.  The Tzniyus of the student needs to be part of her natural being. A student who needs to be reminded that her wear, length of skirt, makeup, hair, etc. is not on par with the seminary code, should not apply.

The requirement is a Chassidishe Charidishe look.

A student who has difficulty accepting from a הנהלה member – that she still has areas in which to improve, should consider to where she should apply.

Who should apply where

         Before applying, consider:

  •  A student must have a clear definition to herself what she wants and choose the seminary that is best for her.
  • Seminary should not be a status or Shidduch asset.
  • Siblings are not the same. What’s good for one may not be good for the other.
  • Where will she feel best about herself on a daily base.


We will IYH notify the students of the Hanhala’s decision, around Rosh Chodesh Nissan.

         A student’s acceptance is considered pending until we receive updates at the end of the summer.  Applicants’ Chassidishkeit, learning status, and completion of High School diploma will be checked at the end of the school year.  

         We reserve the right to cancel acceptance, until the start of the school year.


Please refer all questions concerning registration to Mrs. Neta Barda at +972-73-2550374 or fax +972-4-692-4002; or e-mail


Matters concerning tuition should be directed to Beit Chana’s treasurer Mrs. Friedman – or her assistant Mrs. Dinka Kumer  tel. 972-4-682-0610, her direct fax 972-4-692-0831, or email


With sincere wishes for true Chasidishe Naches from all your children, and we all daven for the immediate Geulah with the Rebbe נשיא דורנו.


Sincerely Yours,

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Chitrik

Dean, Beis Chana Seminary.


Students not from North America and don’t come for the Kinus will be asked to schedule a Zoom interview (dates not yet determined).
You will be contacted prior to schedule a day and time.
Your registration process is done for now and you’ve received a confirmation email with your registration forms (you can close this website).

Wishing you all the best.

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