School Regulations

Thank you for your interest in our program.  We are happy that you are considering spending your High School years with us at Beit Chana Tzfat. 

To help you make this important decision, we feel it is important that you are aware of the expectations and requirements we uphold for our students.


Guidelines for Beit Chana Students:

Beit Chana puts a large emphasis on developing the Yiras Shamayim of our students. We aim to help our students develop a love and Chayus for Yiddishkeit, Chassidishkeit and fulfilling Torah and Mitzvos joyously, along with deep Hiskashrus to the Rebbe.  We expect our students to strive to move in this direction during their time learning in our Mosad and IY”H afterwards as well.

Beit Chana students, through their inner beauty, act as Dugma Chayas to the community and world at large. Therefore, Beit Chana enforces a high level of Tznius for all of their students.

Students of Beit Chana refrain from participating in any program or activities that do not have a clear Haskama from Rabbonim; this includes listening to non-Jewish music, watching Goyishe videos, reading secular books or going to a public library.

General Information:

Leaving the school grounds on school days:

  • The safety of our students is a top priority, therefore a student may only leave the school/dorm grounds with prior permission from a staff member, regardless of the hour.

Leaving the school grounds for Shabbos and Holidays:

  • Off Shabbosim are once every two weeks.  On off Shabbosim, girls may leave the school grounds on Thursday after the end of classes. Students must return to the dorm on Motzei Shabbos.
  • Students in the overseas program spend their off Shabbosim with their pre-arranged host families. Arranging a set host family is part of the registration process and more information can be found on the “Host Family Form”.


Media and Communication Technologies:

  • The only phones allowed at Beit Chana are Kosher Phones that cannot be connected to the Internet. Before acquiring a cell phone or a cell phone plan, students are strongly advised to confirm with the staff of Beit Chana to confirm if it fits our standards.
  • The dorm has computer stations for e-mail access and ZOOM to communicate with their families.
  • Mp3’s should include content that is appropriate for a Bas Chabad. Mp4’s of any type are not allowed. Laptops and all other such devices (i-pads, tablets, smartphone etc.) are not allowed. Prohibited devices will be confiscated.
  • A student may not use unfiltered internet even on someone else’s device.
Tznius Guidelines – School & Dorm Guidelines Follow the Rules of the Chabad Beis Din of Eretz HaKodesh:

The guidelines below are relevant to you both as a student of Beit Chana and as a Chassidishe girl at all times and in all places. In addition to the clothing fulfilling all Halachic standards and covering the body completely, your dress should be aidel and refined. 


  • The sleeves must always cover the elbows.
  • The neckline must be high from all sides (covering the collarbone in the front; the highest vertebrae of the back; and from where the neck begins to slope on the sides).
  • Shirts should be loose and opaque.
  • Shirts should be long enough to cover even when bending down or raising the arms.


  • Skirts should be made of a fabric that doesn’t cling to the body.
  • The skirt must cover the knees in all situations- while sitting, walking up stairs, or any other activity.
  • Slits of any size are not allowed.
  • Skirts must reach at least 10 cm below the knee.
  • Any skirt made of jean or jean like material is forbidden.


  • Socks must cover the leg at least up to the knee.
  • Short socks are not allowed even with long socks underneath.



  • Pajamas must be nightgowns that cover the knees, elbows and have a Tznius neckline. Pajama pants may only be worn under a long nightgown (and not under a skirt).


  • Haircuts should be of a refined style and the length shouldn’t reach past the shoulder. Longer hair must be worn pulled back.
  • Hair should not be bleached or dyed.


  • Jewelry and accessories (sunglasses, belts, etc.) should be subtle and aidel.
  • Earrings should be of a refined design.
  • Makeup is only allowed for students in 11thand 12th grade in honor of Shabbos.


Only students who respect school and dorm rules will be welcome to continue their studies in Beit Chana


Students not from North America and don’t come for the Kinus will be asked to schedule a Zoom interview (dates not yet determined).
You will be contacted prior to schedule a day and time.
Your registration process is done for now and you’ve received a confirmation email with your registration forms (you can close this website).

Wishing you all the best.

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