A few words about the Bnos HaShluchim-Naale Program

Before you apply, there are a few important things you should know:
The program is intended for:
*Daughters of shluchim who do not have a school within a reasonable distance from their homes.
*Students finishing 8th or 9th grade.

  • Students who attend Beis Chana must abide by the local Chassidishe and Tzniyus standards, which are higher than those in Chutz L’Aretz. (See the Tzniyus Guidelines.


  • Naale students are integrated into the regular classes and study in Hebrew, although in language classes, Naale students may learn separately.


  • The Bagrut exams which Naale students take are geared for Israeli students, but there are adaptations and leniencies allowed for Naale students.

For Naale students who have Israeli citizenship, academic standards and leniencies are determined by the Misrad HaPnim according to their age and length of time spent in Israel.


  • Off Shabboses and vacation time in Israel These are significant elements to a student’s stay in Israel and entail traveling around the country, becoming acquainted with her host family and having a break to recharge before returning to her studies and dorm life.


Specifically during vacation, a student misses her home the most.
Beis Chana is well aware of the challenges that vacation times bring, and also recognizes that these breaks are essential for a student’s success.
Students need an alternate atmosphere and to experience typical family life in an environment of parents, children, a family Shabbos table and home-made food.

The host family has an important role and provides a sense of security and connection for students coming here.
Therefore, it is crucial that you establish who your daughter’s host family will be even before she daughter arrives in Israel. If you do not have relatives in Israel who can be her host family, please be in touch with the Beis Chana-Naale director, Mrs. Bassie Gruzman.

We are thrilled and proud to say that Bnos Shluchim are truly the best!
Students in Bnos HaShluchim-Naale have a unique motivation and energy to grow and succeed. Naale students are often those who contribute, excel and initiate the most.

A Bnos HaShluchim-Naale student graduates with a treasure trove of meaningful farbrengens, classes and learning experiences. She leaves having accomplished tremendous growth, even as her parents are so far away. She has also gained the gift of a life-long sisterhood of friendships.

And most importantly, she is ready for her next Shlichus opportunity – to welcome the Rebbe with the immediate Geulah Shlaima.

If this sounds like the type of program you are dreaming of, one that will require you to invest yourself and make progress, you are invited to take the next step..



Students not from North America and don’t come for the Kinus will be asked to schedule a Zoom interview (dates not yet determined).
You will be contacted prior to schedule a day and time.
Your registration process is done for now and you’ve received a confirmation email with your registration forms (you can close this website).

Wishing you all the best.

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